To Qualify For Home Delivery You Must Spend $20

How To Buy

How It Works:

  1. Shop our selection of fresh produce and other local farms items. Items may vary weekly and seasonally, so always check back to see what new things we are offering.
  2. Once you find something you like, follow the Online Ordering Instructions. We will deliver your produce to your home or one of our pickup locations located across East Tennessee. Just select a pickup method and time. 
  3. Home Delivery - Place a cooler outside your front door on the day you selected for delivery and we'll place your order in. 
  4. Local Pickup - Show up to the pickup location at the date and time that you selected and pickup your local farm fresh items. 
  5. Enjoy your sustainably and locally grown farm fresh items!

NOTE: You must pick up your produce on the date you selected. If you do not, there will not be refunds. 

Online Ordering Instructions:

  1. Browse our selection of fresh produce. Then, add what you want to the cart. 
  2. When you have what you want, you can view your cart and begin the checkout process.
  3. Simply select the location at which you want to pick up your produce along with a time and date. (Pick up times may vary from each location).
  4. Once you have selected where and when you want to pick up your fresh produce, click CHECK OUT.
  5. Fill in the contact information.
  6. Once you have completed this step, click CONTINUE TO PAYMENT
  7. On the payment page you will be asked to select your payment method and billing address, then click PAY NOW.
  8. You're all set! You should receive an email with your order description


For questions and concerns, call or email us.