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YOCO Project: Feed Our Youth!

 Many families live in a food desert where the only grocery store option is a Dollar General, or convenience store. Even if they wanted to eat a diet high in nutrient-dense food, it’s not accessible. We must solve this! Cooking at home is one of the most impactful habits in physical, and emotional health. We also know that often times, parents are forced to choose calorically dense food over nutrient-dense food. This can lead to a host of problems. High sodium, high fat, processed foods taste great to kids, and fill them up; unfortunately, it leaves them susceptible to many health consequences down the road.  

YOCO, a local non-profit organization that focuses on health for at risk youth has organized this project.  Through YOCO and Emerald Youth Foundation, we will be providing 120 families, that’s how many have applied but we know that number will grow, with weekly bags of fresh fruits and vegetables. The bags are filled with seasonal produce, as well as a new recipe card every week!  These families have been impacted at varying levels by Covid-19 and social distancing. The projection for this project is for it to last a year, but we hope to make this project indefinite. We intend to create an application process so any family can apply to receive this assistance!

YOCO is continually fundraising to keep this program ongoing, visit their go fund me page to get involved. 

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